March Creations & Adventures


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This month was full of some fun new creations, decorating for Spring/Easter and a relaxing beach trip for our anniversary. I had so much fun creating plant hanger critters out of clay as Christmas gifts last year, I purchased a beautiful wood mold and used my clay to create a pretty Spring-like wall hanging.

I surprised my husband with a three-night stay at a house in Lincoln City to celebrate our anniversary in early March. We stayed in an area near Roads End at the north end of Lincoln City that we have never been to before. It was a sweet area, very private and picturesque. Our house was very nice and had beautiful views of the ocean. The weather was pretty stormy the first day, but gradually cleared up so we could take in the beautiful views and enjoy the area. Izzi and I got out for walks on the beach every day and the whole trip was just so nice and relaxing.

I like to put out my Spring/Easter decorations about a month before Easter, so around the middle of this month I got started with my decorating. Starting when my daughter Kym was little, each year we would make a new blown-out egg to hang on our Easter tree on the dining table. The tree has changed shape over the years and this year I decided to do something a little different and rather than hanging the eggs on a tree, I put them on my tiered serving tray. I am really liking this for a change and the designs on the eggs are a little easier to see this way. I also put together a little vignette of bunnies and a cute little postal scale I found thrifting recently. I set this next to the serving tray in the center of our table and just love how it turned out. Here are some photos of my various decorations.

Our family has lot of birthdays in March and April, so we are also having fun celebrations with all our birthday people too.

Happy Spring and Easter to all of you!

Catching Up . . .


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Hi Everyone – It has been quite a while since I’ve posted. With all the changes due to the pandemic and some family health issues, it wasn’t at the top of my daily lists. So here are some of my favorite happenings, creations since my last posts.

We had a wonderful Christmas this last year with all the family back together again! We did most of our traditional events except for our girls Christmas tea. We didn’t feel comfortable doing that yet, so we had munchies and drinks while doing our Christmas craft instead. This year we made sock gnomes which turned out pretty darn cute and all so unique and creative.

I like to give hand-made gifts when I can, and this year I decided it would be fun to try making animal plant hangers out of my air-dry clay for our three daughters. I was SO pleased and surprised with my results. They were quite the process and learning curve for me and I was glad I started a month early because they took a very long time for each step. The girls loved them 🙂

Last year we sold our travel trailer and bought a motorhome that we absolutely love! We’re in the process of finding a good vehicle to tow with us for getting around and touring at our destinations.

I took the time last year to refinish my great uncle’s trunk and now use it for our filing. I was going to strip it but it had several layers of paint and I would STILL be working on it, so I ended up doing a faux leather paint look with black accents that turned out great and was a much easier process.

I have been busy with several calligraphy projects for clients which is a fun and creative distraction. I am doing classes with my two granddaughters this month. Hadley is 12 and has wanted to learn how to paint watercolor birds and also learn calligraphy, so we had a fun time last weekend working on both. She is an awesome artist already and her painting was so similar to mine when we were finished, you can hardly tell the difference!

This weekend I will be showing 9 year old Evie how to do woodburning, which will be super fun too.

Since I had so much fun working with the clay, I made some clay valentine hearts with a pressed doily design in them.

I also made a little hand-sewn fabric heart out of some country fabric I had.

I am always thinking of various creations to make and projects to do in the yard, or new decor for the house, so I have been able to fill our “at home” time during this pandemic which has been very satisfying.

Hope you are all doing well and find happiness in the little moments each day that bring a smile and lighten your heart.

Moments of 2020


Hi Everyone! This year has been challenging with many stressful things thrown our way, but even though this year has looked different in so many ways, to me it has shown many positives of people helping people, learning how to adjust to varying situations with a good attitude and creative ways to still be able to “enjoy”, etc.

Here are some of my favorite photos I’ve taken so far this year.

Happy November!

I hope we all are able to enjoy the holidays creatively and safely this year.