It is a beautiful Summer day here in Portland, Oregon and I feel it is a perfect day to start my adventure in the blogging world. I can’t wait to share and connect with others who have a love of all things creative and beautiful. My husband and I just finished restoring a wonderful Victorian farmhouse built in 1887 and did all the work ourselves, so I now have the time (hopefully, until another “project” is required from her) to share some of our crazy stories and other creative ventures.

We bought our home in the fall of 1999 and it was an “as is” purchase. Our realtor actually thought we were crazy and gave us the movie “The Money Pit” at closing (which came quite close to what we went through). We figured it would take us 5 years to fix it up the way we wanted it, and it actually took 7, so we didn’t do so bad. Here are some before and after photos of our home.

My husband built all the kitchen cabinets and several pieces of furniture. I already had a love of Victorian furniture, so we had many pieces of furniture that were just perfect for our home. I became quite good at sheetrock, tiling, painting, stenciling, mortaring bricks, etc. My husband replaced all the plumbing, one of our son-in-laws replaced all the electric (it still had the old knob and tube wiring), and many neighbors, friends and family helped us put in a new foundation. Through the process, I became quite good at using all the construction tools and my favorite is the nail gun. I even made my own garden shed (more on my shed project later).

We used recycled materials wherever we could. We laid our brick patio out of the bricks from our daughter and son-in-law’s fireplace they had to replace, and the balusters of our deck railings are from my grandparent’s Swiss home that was built in the early 1900s.

Please share your old house stories with me, I’m addicted to restoration and would love to hear from you.