It seems that, on every vacation, something has to happen that is a little crazy, out of the ordinary. Our “event” happened on our way home (which is a good thing). We pulled into a viewpoint for my husband to take a nap before driving the rest of the way. We were starting to have a little trouble with the lock on the trailer door, but had managed to get it to cooperate. After we got back on the road, we had gone about a mile down the road and a truck pulled up next to us as he was passing and we looked over and he was waving his arms and pointing at our trailer. So we stopped at the next opportunity. Steve had me walk back and see what the trouble was and I walked back to the truck and said “the door to the trailer is GONE”…. just flat out GONE. Our screen door was flying back and forth, so we got some clothes line and tied the screen door closed and drove back up to the viewpoint to see if we could spot the door (or parts of it) along the way. Steve saw a piece of metal by the edge of the road in one spot so we pulled over down the hill and he walked back up to where the metal piece was and then looked over the guard rail and, sure enough, there was our door laying several yards down the ravine. Crazy enough, it was in one piece! So Steve climbed down the ravine and brought the door up to the road and back down to our truck. He’s so good with fixing things, he’ll be able to put it back together and save the money on a new door. We were on our way to my sister’s place in Boise when this happened and planned on staying 2 nights, so we started calling our trailer the “Clampetmobile” with the screen door tied with clothes line and a blanket draped up on the inside of the door for privacy – nice!

Really, it could have been a lot worse, and we’re glad it didn’t happen at the beginning of our trip too.