I have a great love of gardening that I’m sure I inherited from my sweet mother and, even though we were in the middle of all our restoration projects on our farmhouse, I decided it would be awesome if I had my own garden shed. On one of my trips to Cannon Beach during the summer with my daughter Kym, I saw the perfect garden shed. It was a storage building behind a great garden shop in Gearhart. I took several photos of the shed and came home all excited and told my husband I wanted to have a shed just like it. Since he was overwhelmed with all the projects on our home, he suggested it would be a great project for me to undertake. So, I took him up on it. He was my supervisor because of his experience (sitting in a lawn chair with a drink in his hand) and I got to use all the awesome power tools – the chop saw, skill saw, nail gun (my favorite!), table saw, etc. He even gave me my own toolbelt. So over the course of a couple weekends, I built my own garden shed just like the one I had seen at the beach.

I found the door and windows at a local salvage place and I put siding on it similar to what is on our farmhouse. I also sketched the original gingerbread brackets that are on our front porch, and recreated them and scaled them down to fit the size of my shed, and cut them out with my skill saw. I made the porch floor out of old fence boards (I didn’t want anything to look “new”). I hinged the side window and have a board that I fit in the window to hold it open. I had been saving a stained glass window that my mother-in-law had given me years before and decided the perfect place for it was in the back wall of the shed and I love it there.


Once the shed was constructed and the outside painted and roofed, I started designing how I wanted the inside to be laid out. I created a long counter with storage underneath on the side window wall. I cut a hole in the center of the counter, just big enough for an old pot I got from my aunt for our house warming. It’s perfect for potting plants. When I’m done, I just lift the pot out, empty the dirt, and put it back. I made doors with chicken wire for the storage under the counter, and put in an old microwave storage unit that my sister had given me years before (that was the only place I had prior to building my shed for all my garden tools/supplies, it was in a corner of the garage and my husband invariably would use it for his tools too). My husband bought me a great tool holder for behind the door for the large tools (rakes, broom, shovel, hoe, etc.) I put vinyl tiles on my counter, the counter of the microwave unit, and also on the floor for easy clean up. I have decorated the inside of the shed with a lot of fun garden items, and some of my brother’s saw blade paintings for fun.


My son-in-law put electricity in the shed and included a switch to turn on our barrel water feature outside the shed for convenience. Shortly after my shed was built, I had to say goodbye to my sweet Zoe dog who was my buddy for 16 years, so I made a transparency of one of her photos and put it in the window (to appear as if she was sitting inside at the window watching over the yard). It looks so real, even our new dog Izzi and others dogs have jumped up to that window, thinking she’s a real dog inside the shed :-).


My husband says it’s really my playhouse, and you know I think he’s right. One of the best compliments I received on it was that it looks like it has been there as long as our historic farmhouse, which is exactly what I intended.

I’d love to see your garden shed projects, or any other garden projects/creations you have done.