A few years ago, when my Aunt Ruth passed away, my cousin came to me to see if there was anything I could make that would incorporate her mother’s jewelry. The jewelry wasn’t anything my cousin would wear, but it was so personal and such a nice memory of her mother that she wanted to keep it somehow.

My aunt loved gardening and most of her jewelry was some type of flower or similar item. I thought it would be wonderful to create a framed picture incorporating the jewelry pieces as flowers coming out of a vase (I used one of my aunt’s bracelets for the vase).  I used silk grass-like strands for the stems of the flowers and put it on a velvet backing and then framed it. I did one for both of my cousins out of their mom’s jewelry and they loved them.


With my mother’s beads, I bought a wire lampshade form and strung her beads onto wire strands that I placed onto the lampshade form. The pattern from the light through the lampshade on the wall is so beautiful and every time I look at that shade it is such a nice memory of my mother.

I also made a kitchen apron out of pieces of the blouses she wore on a regular basis, embellished by some of her favorite pins. 

My daughters loved the jewelry pictures I did for my cousins so much that they asked me to make one for them out of their favorite jewelry that was handed down to them, or just special pieces they didn’t wear anymore.

When one of my neighbors saw the jewelry pictures, she asked me to make one for her daughter out of butterfly pins that she had saved for her daughter who collects them.

It’s just so nice to be able to save special items of a loved one who is no longer with us and make a nice memory out of them that we enjoy every day.