In our upstairs hallway, I have a wall with old photographs of both my husband’s and my ancestors. We love that wall and everyone who visits really enjoys it too. I wanted to make it stand out a little more and came up with the idea of framing around the photos with decorative molding and then putting a stencil inside each corner to finish it off. I had read about plaster stenciling and decided this would be the perfect place to give it a try. I chose a nice Victorian stencil that wasn’t too elaborate and then put a small amount of my plaster/sheetrock mud in a small bowl and mixed in my trim color paint so it would match the molding and the trim in the hallway. I used a repositionable spray adhesive on the back of the stencil to keep it in place (and added blue painters tape around the edges too for extra support) and then just spread the plaster over the stencil until it was the thickness I wanted. I then carefully pulled off the stencil and repeated the process in the other corners. This was so much fun (and easy) and I love the three-dimensional effect. Our hallway wall angles out a little from the part of the wall where I framed the photos and it always seemed like it needed some attention too, so I bought an inexpensive floor length mirror and put molding around and above it to create a Victorian style mirror. I found a candle sconce in an antique store that was painted white and I stripped it back to the original brass and then put more plaster stencils in the space around the sconce. This mirror really finished off the whole hallway wall nicely. I put a battery candle in the sconce (they’re safer in our old house). It’s always fun when an idea comes to life and it looks just the way you pictured.