The restoration of our Victorian farmhouse took seven years total, which Steve and I felt was pretty good considering we did almost all the work ourselves. After putting in all the landscaping (and removing the berry vines holding our house up), our next project was to put in a better foundation so all our renovations to the home would have a stable structure. It was a post-and-pier foundation that was in dire need of attention. The house was being held up with large boulders that were sinking into the ground so the beams were almost resting on the dirt in some areas.

We hired some workers to dig out 2′ under the house which would allow us working room to put in a perimeter concrete foundation. After getting a quote of $45,000 from a local company and picking ourselves up off the floor, Steve put his mind to work coming up with his own solution for doing it ourselves. With the help of all our kids and spouses, and several friends/neighbors, we managed to get the foundation in. It took us most of one year, as we would do just small sections at a time, jacking up the house and doing the pour. This was also a good time to remove the rotting decks to allow us room to maneuver the concrete into the forms, so the decks were also replaced after the foundation was completed.






It was such an undertaking, but when it was all finished I just couldn’t wait because I knew the kitchen would be our next project and it was definitely in need of a major renovation and I had been saving a folder full of ideas from magazines and a lot of my own and I was anxious to start designing the new space.