Our kitchen was probably the biggest project of all the rooms in our house. It had so many issues that we totally gutted it .. walls, floor and ceiling, removing all the cabinets too so it was an empty shell. Steve and I went over all the ideas I had collected for the kitchen and came up with a plan, so I sketched the design for the kitchen. I still have that original sketch and the only thing we ended up changing as we went along was a drawer stack that was in the sketch that we decided wasn’t needed.

When the house was originally built, it had a pantry off the kitchen. At some point, the door to the pantry was sheetrocked over and a door was put in from the outside deck and it was turned into a musty garden storage shed. In our restoration, we opened up the original door to the pantry off the kitchen, took off the outside door (see photo in Part 1) and re-sided that wall, and made it a pantry once again. Steve built all the kitchen cabinets and a free-standing hutch that I painted in a different color to replicate the free-standing furniture that was true to the era of the home. He also built a farmhouse table and bench. We found a perfect vintage style stove that is the focal point of the kitchen.

I have always loved a blue and white color scheme for my kitchens and have a huge collection of blue and white china to display and use in the kitchen. I took one of the pieces with me when I went to pick out the blue wall color to make sure the blue was the right hue to blend with my collections. I wanted to do a soft stencil at the top of the ceilings to look like it had been there for years and couldn’t find just the right design, so I cut up a vinyl tablecloth and used that for my stenciling. For the ceiling I wanted to have pressed tile, but found the price on metal ceiling tiles prohibitive for our large ceiling, but then found a great ceiling tile made by Armstrong that has the pressed tin look but for a fraction of the cost. Our original floor was red painted linoleum (yes, very lovely!) and we decided to put in a prefinished hardwood floor over the linoleum which would save us a lot of demolition which might have damaged the subfloor also. We bought a door at HFD and I designed a pattern on the window out of lace and frost paint. In the pattern of the lace I etched the names/years of all the families who have lived in our home as an historic background. It is very subtle and not noticeable at first, so becomes part of the design and not obtrusive. Steve bought me a beautiful antique chandelier for the kitchen at a local antique shop prior to us purchasing our home and it fit so perfectly in our kitchen, he must have known we would have the perfect place for it someday.

It’s so fun to share what we’ve accomplished so we were very proud to have our kitchen featured in Country Woman magazine in 2010 (see Media page). It took us 9 months to renovate the kitchen so we took a few months off to get ready for our next project – the library.