Next was “my” room. This was an exciting room for me to do since it would be all mine for all my creative projects, so the design was going to be fun and personal. I grew up on a dairy farm, so I knew I would need to have one wall devoted to my farm/cow photos and memories. After taking out all existing wood partitions, etc., my daughters Kym and Steph helped me paint the walls and ceiling.

Kym chose the wall color, a beautiful periwinkle and I got a lighter shade of it for the ceiling. I then decided to paint the floors a pretty winter white to brighten up the room and make it cheerful for good creative energy. I also painted a rug near the center of the room (always wanted to do that too – it’s so nice to have free reign on your own room). Steve wasn’t so sure about the rug idea, but he really liked it once it was done.

I also needed to have a closet built into this room for my clothes (since old Victorian farmhouses had closets the size of thimbles), so I designed a closet that looks like an armoire and looks free-standing, but is actually built in. Steve is so great, I just have to sketch a design and he can make it happen. The space on either side of it was perfect for adding shelves for more storage. On the opposite side of the room I put a hutch that I bought with my Grandmother Boeckli’s inheritance. This was in the kitchen in our previous home, but we didn’t have a place for it in this house, so I put it here to house my paints and various other supplies. I put two inexpensive pressboard cabinets on either side of the hutch for more storage, and Steve and I bought bi-fold panel doors that we separated and made into individual doors for each cabinet to give them more presence (plus they match the same bi-fold doors that we converted for the closet armoire across the room). I painted the storage cabinets and the armoire in the same winter white as the floor and bought a nice small size desk at Target that is perfect for my sewing and more storage.

My daughter Kym showed me a picture in a magazine of an end table made from an old window with a piece of glass cut and placed over the top of the window. I loved this idea and decided to use this same idea only with a french door that would provide a larger work surface for my table. We bought a piece of thick glass to fit the measurement of the french door and placed it on top. Steve attached the legs and made a storage shelf underneath for “works in progress”. I etched the glass panes of the french door to give them a little personality and, before we put the top piece of glass on the door, I put several of my shell collections in each pane. I recently came up with the idea of adding wheels to the legs of the table to make it move in the room easier for different projects, cleaning the window, etc.

I painted a favorite saying of mine in calligraphy on one of the walls above the cabinets as another personal touch to the room. Every time I walk into this room, I just have an “ahhhhhhhhh” feeling. It is exactly how I always wanted “my” room and is such a bright and cheerful space, just perfect for creating.