After we finished the library, it wasn’t long before we wanted to renovate the guest bath, which is off the library. Even though this was the smallest room we renovated, it was one of the worst. There was an old cast iron bathtub that was in really poor condition, plus the plumbing was no longer attached. This room not only had a door opening from the library, but another on the opposite wall going into the parlor. The sink and toilet were also in poor condition, so we basically gutted this room. The wallpaper was quite deteriorated and when it was taken off, we decided the whole room needed new sheetrock on the walls. We took the door out going into the parlor, as there was no need for two doors into this small room, plus it would give us more wall space in the parlor. There was a beautiful oval wood frame mirror medicine cabinet above the old sink, so we saved just the mirror and placed it above our new sink/vanity which we put on the wall where the door into the parlor used to be. We decided to take the tub out and turn that space into storage. Steve had to use a sledge hammer to break the tub into pieces to be able to get it out of the space.

Some of the flooring had to be replaced so a new sub-floor was put in. Once we had sheetrocked the wall where the door used to be and the rest of the room, Steve built two side-by-side storage cabinets in the space where the tub used to be. On one side I asked Steve to build a stack of drawers for little misc. items such as light bulbs, etc. and next to that is where the vacuum cleaner lives and a shelf above for more storage. On the other side, Steve installed a utility sink and another storage shelf. We had to be creative with storage solutions, as there was very little storage space in any of the rooms in our house.

I decided this small room needed some “big” personality so I set to work finding the perfect wallpaper (expensive, but perfect). It is a toile pattern in a color that complements the burgundy on the walls of the library. My daughter Kym and I put up the wallpaper and once it was done, we were so pleased, it was just perfect (and we were so proud of our job since neither one of us had done much wallpapering before). I painted the ceiling the same light beige as I put on the library ceiling and Steve put the crown molding up and the trim around the door and cabinets. The molding and trim I painted a creamy white (which is used throughout the house and works well with all the color choices in each room).

Steve found the perfect sink vanity one day while he was out shopping. We finished the floor with vinyl tiles. In a previous trip to Paris, Steve and I bought a beautiful painting from an artist on a bridge over the Seine, so I framed this painting for our little “personality” room. That painting started the theme for the room and I framed several small photos I had taken of several intriguing and beautiful doors in Paris and placed them on one of the other walls. I made the curtains for the window and above the storage cabinets.

For a little room, this project took quite a BIG amount of time to complete, but we’re very happy with the results.