Our guest room was one of the more reasonable rooms to renovate and design. The major change to this room was building a closet along one whole wall of the room. The room has slanted ceilings and we decided not to take the walls of the closet all the way up to the ceiling, so we left space above so the architecture of the ceiling would be consistent to the eye and not off-balance. Plus this gave me more decorating space (which is always a good thing) and also gives the closet a more unique personality. We put in two sets of double doors on the right and left ends of the closet, leaving a section of wall in the middle for furniture.

I painted the floor of this room a soft gray and painted a stencil border around the whole room. We stripped the old, very loud orange and yellow 60s wallpaper off the walls. This was a funny project. We spent a large amount of time at Home Depot renting a wallpaper steamer and getting all the right supplies, and when we started steaming the wall, I grabbed a corner of the wallpaper and it came right off perfectly in sections – just super easy. The rest of the wallpaper came off just as easily, so we got a big laugh out of that one – spending all that effort renting the steamer and getting all the supplies and all we had to do was just start pulling it off. 

The walls are painted a soft chocolate color and in two corners of the room I painted hydrangea blossoms in a soft treatment so as to appear as it had been there for years.

I also made the window panels and, more recently, made the fabric canopy at the head of the bed. Steve made all the furniture in the room (which we had previously used in our room), except for the bed.

Our guests just love this room and feel right at home, which is just what we were hoping to create for them.