This was another room that I could hardly wait to design and finish. When we moved in, this room had one wall that was the original shiplap siding, the other walls and ceiling were sheetrocked. We debated whether to keep this original wall, but soon came to realize it was not the best decision since the cold air would blow through the cracks in the wall during the winter and we even had ice on the curtains our first winter. So our first project was covering this wall with new sheetrock and smoothing out the mudding and imperfections of the sheetrock on the other walls and ceiling to allow for wallpaper.

I have always wanted a wallpapered bedroom, so I set out to find THE perfect wallpaper for our room. I wanted it vintage and true to the period of the house, but wanted a soft delicate design so we wouldn’t get tired of it and it wouldn’t overpower the room. I spent several days looking through wallpaper books until I finally found “the one”! It was a beautiful floral design done in soft hues and couldn’t have been more perfect. All of the flowers in the design were my mother’s and my favorite flowers – roses, hydrangeas, bleeding hearts and fuschias.

Steve put a chair rail 1/3 of the way up the walls and painted below the chair rail in a soft green to complement the greens in the wallpaper, with the top third of the walls and the ceiling being wallpapered. All the baseboards, trim and chair rail are painted the same off white color as in the rest of the house. Since we put the furniture Steve made in the guest room, we went shopping for a bedroom set for our room. This also took many different shopping days to find the right set for our home and our style. We refinished the floor in this room, but Steve wanted carpeting in our bedroom. At first I wasn’t sure that would “work” with the room, but a friend suggested I find a vintage look carpet and order it in a size that would be 6″ smaller than the floor dimensions all around and then have it bound, so it has the appearance of a throw rug. This was a great suggestion, so this is what we did and we love it and I have to admit I also like the feel of a cozy carpet in our room.

I had purchased a small chandelier light fixture previously before we moved in and decided the perfect place for it was in our bedroom. We put a dimmer switch on it too.  I bought two different vintage lamps for our night stands and embellished the shade on my lamp with one of my mother’s necklaces.

Since our bedroom tended to be very cold during the winter, for several years we used a space heater sitting on a tile (to protect the carpet) which was not all that loverly. So when I saw the perfect little electric fireplace heaters at the home improvement stores that look like a woodburning stove, I just had to get one for our room. I put down bricks for a hearth, since it would be sitting on the carpet and the heat comes out near the bottom of the fireplace. It heats our room just as good as the space heater we had, plus it adds much better ambiance to the room.

After we sheetrocked the inside of the small closet in our room, I decided to decorate it in a vintage way, with the original hooks on the wall (rather than a rod with hangers) and I found a great dresser that fit exactly on the end wall of the room.  Steve teases me about decorating a closet, but I still like the vintage feel.

One morning Steve mentioned (as he was looking up at our floral wallpaper ceiling) that we needed to add a bee to one of the flowers. Well, all I needed was a suggestion, so I immediately went out and found a tiny little bumble bee sticker that I put up on the ceiling next to one of the flowers. This has turned out to be quite the conversation piece when people are visiting. The kids love the challenge of being the first one to find it. The is one of my favorite rooms in the house, it just seems to wrap its arms around you and invite you in.