Our latest project was converting our garage into a game room. My husband had been desperately wanting a pool table and we didn’t have room for one in the house, so we decided we would convert the garage into a fun game room with storage cabinets along one wall for all the “garage stuff” that still needed to be in the room. Our daughter and son-in-law were in the process of remodeling their kitchen at this time, so we took their old kitchen cabinets and Steve adjusted them here and there and I painted the outside of the cabinets. This gave us our much needed storage space along one whole wall of the garage. We put vinyl tiles on the counter above all the lower cabinets and created a space between the upper cabinets for wine glasses, etc. We put sheetrock up on all the walls and ceiling and put trim up creating more of a game room feeling, rather than a garage. Steve found a nice slate pool table through a friend, but it needed re-felting. Steve got online and got directions and found a good source for the felt and more tips on installing it, and got to work. It turned out just perfect and he’s spent many hours honing his skills so he can beat his brother David when they play each week (which happens quite a bit – poor David). All our kids bought me a ping-pong table one year, and that can be placed on top of the pool table for our mega family tournaments (usually on Christmas Eve during the “pickle game” – more on that later). We put up a dart board on one of the walls and I painted the two doors into Steve’s wood shop with blackboard paint so we can keep track of game scores. Our air-conditioner had a long cord going down to the outlet that was an eye-sore, so we came up with the idea of making it curve around in a sort of design on the wall and then down to the outlet. Steve took this one step further and cut some extra pool balls in half and glued them to the wall in the curves of the cord – it turned out so great and we were glad to turn that ugly cord into a fun design element.

This room is being used much more now, we are so glad we did the conversion.

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