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Earlier this year, my husband decided to start biking for more exercise and we had heard that the Banks/Vernonia trail had just been completed. We had previously biked on the trail, but parts of it were paved and others were still gravel and it didn’t go all the way through to Banks (the trail is 22 miles from Banks to Vernonia). So my husband set out to bike the trail several days a week. In the beginning he started out slow and gradually increased the distance each time, but is now up to 25 miles a day, three times a week (lucky guy, he’s retired so he has that luxury). I go with him on the weekends and I am up to 10 miles, so feeling pretty good about that.

The trail is through such a beautiful countryside, most of it heavily wooded and stretches of it are out in the open with views of the neighboring farms and hillsides. We went biking on one of our recent gorgeous Fall days and I took my camera. The sun hitting the leaves just made them appear to glow. I just had to share these photos with you.

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