Each year, the weekend after Thanksgiving, my husband and I transform our home into our Christmas house.  While Steve is busy outside hanging the garlands on the porches, putting lights up and hanging the wreaths in each window, I’m busy inside decorating each room of the house with my favorite Christmas treasures. 

The first year we were in this house we had a live Christmas tree in the bay window of the parlor.  Since the ceilings are 10′, we of course had to get a 9′ tree for the space.  We brought it in through the front door and had to immediately make a 90 degree turn to the right into the parlor.  This was not a happy thing because the branches tended to scrape the door molding, etc., and putting the tree in the bay window put it close to the fireplace.  So, needless to say, we decided to purchase an artificial tree.  We absolutely love our “pretend” tree.  I DO miss the scent of a fresh tree though, so I bought a Yankee Candle with the Christmas Wreath scent that is almost as good.  Now our tree isn’t bedraggled by the time Christmas gets here and everyone who sees it thinks it is a real tree (I guess that candle works just fine).

It takes me 3 full days of decorating to “deck the halls”, while drinking my egg nog and listening to all my favorite Christmas music.  Steve pretty much stays out of my way when I’m in my turbo decorating mode and Izzi is just curious about all the commotion.

Here are some photos of our home all dressed up for the holiday.

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