Once again we had such a great time getting together and doing all our traditions. We had lots of wonderful food again. We do a buffet each year with each of us bringing various dishes. We always end up with a great combination of scrumptious food including the traditional 2 batches of sugar cookies and sweet & sour meatballs. Our story game gift exchange went really well this year, modified slightly from last year’s game. Plus this year our granddaughter Hadley joined in and it was super fun to have her play the game with us (and she was really listening to the story too. 🙂 Our pickle game was good too (see previous post). I almost won this year, I had the best time until Steph came back in 27 seconds – sheesh!

Our daughter Steph and her husband Dan came down from Seattle with their dog Riley and they spent the night, so that meant our little Izzi had a grand old time having Riley to play with. However, I think it was more “play” on Izzi’s part and more “tolerance” on Riley’s part.

This year for our girls craft day we chose to make sets of 3 different sized felt trees for each of us. Sarah had seen this idea in a magazine and they looked super easy and fun to make, so we all decided that was our project for this year. Since I didn’t have a pattern, I set to work making templates for the three different styrofoam cones. It was quite the challenge because of the angle of the cones. We all picked out different colors of felt for our cones. I was figuring the time-consuming part would be tracing the patterns and cutting the pieces out, but it turned out that placing the pieces on the cones was just as time-consuming. We eventually figured out a “system” and we were all very pleased with our results.

Here are photos of our “felt forest”. Mine are the white ones, which I wanted to look wintery in my blue and white kitchen, but they came out a little plain, so I’m going to get some spray glitter to enhance them a bit and make them look more frosty.

It’s really nice when we have our Christmas early because now we can sit back and relax and watch everyone else stressing and rushing about this last week before Christmas. Ahhhhhh, time for a hot buttered rum and a movie…