This year we decided on a fun change over Christmas. We rented a cabin on Mt. Hood and stayed for 3 nights with our daughter Kym and her husband Adrian and their dog Sydney. The cabin is nestled among the trees right along the Zig Zag River. The inside of the cabin was very rustic and cozy with knotty pine on all the walls and trim. I brought several of our Christmas decorations from home so we could Christmas-up the cabin too. Steve and I saved our gifts to each other to open at the cabin and so did Kym and Adrian (plus stockings of course).

Our Christmas in the cabin was so peaceful and relaxing, plus we had a hot tub to enjoy in the evenings too. We literally were hot tubbing under the stars on Christmas Eve, sooooooo nice. The night sky was so clear, it was just beautiful. We spent Christmas Day at the cabin playing games, watching our crazy dogs take turns attacking each other and napping all day. On Monday, Kym and Adrian went skiing at Timberline, and Steve and I joined them for lunch between runs. It was a beautiful day for skiing and for photos. I could have stayed on the mountain until dark taking pictures, but we needed to get back to the cabin to make sure the dogs hadn’t been into too much mischief.

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This Christmas on the Mountain will be one of my most favorite Christmas memories. I hope your holidays were as special and magical as ours.