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Every January I get an overwhelming drive to clean out cupboards and drawers that have gotten out of hand, and think of new ways to organize our home (no sense in waiting for Spring for that). There is just such a feeling of refreshing calm and the prospect of exciting possibilities at the beginning of a new year.

I always keep “my” room/studio tidy and organized as this clears my mind and creates a perfect environment for creativity. So January is my time to get the rest of the house in similar order and hopefully get new habits started by my better half – ha ha (that’s still a work in progress though). Once I discovered Storables and The Container Store, my life was complete. We get many comments from people on how organized our home is. I’ve always been this way and feel it really does clear the mind and you feel so much better without “clutter” invading your space, plus you’re not spending a lot of your time looking for things not knowing where you have put them.

To a lot of people, cleaning and organizing would be a chore they would want to put off, but I thrive on it. It is exciting to me to think of new ways to keep things tidy, or just getting rid of excess items that haven’t been used in awhile. I also like to repurpose items and use them in new inventive ways.  It’s always fun to look at an item and figure out a new way of using it.  Here are some of my repurposed storage ideas.

So, on to my fun winter cleaning and possibly more trips to my favorite organizing/storage shops. Happy January to everyone – here’s to a wonderful year full of adventures and accomplishments ahead.