Ok, I have to admit I dug in my heals when the rest of my family got addicted to Angry Birds and thought it was a big waste of time.  Then, if that weren’t enough, along came Words with Friends and I thought they had all lost it.  Steve even joined the group and bought an Ipod Touch so he could play too.

This Christmas Steve bought me a tablet for working with my blog when we’re traveling, etc.  So of course I now was able to have access to awesome apps (which included ‘birds’ and ‘words’).  It didn’t take long for me to join the rest of my family in trying to “get to the next level” with those crazy birds (about half a day, darn it).  Then of course the next step was Words with Friends.

Last week I had foot surgery and have found my birds and words are a big help in getting through my down time.  Hopefully, I won’t find any more addicting games too soon, I wouldn’t have time left for fun new creations.  But for now, they are keeping me occupied (and frustrated!).