I have such a great time thinking of new ways to use items that were originally intended for another purpose.  It adds a little whimsy into the decor of a room and makes the design uniquely mine.  Here are three more examples of items in our home.

I used an old rake I found at a garage sale for hanging some of my blue and white tea cups.

I have several of my mother’s hankies and have used them in different ways, in this case I layered them on the edge of a shelf to create a type of valance.

Another use for one of my mother’s necklaces is an embellishment on the lamp shade of my nightstand.

I am always looking at the design of each of our rooms, looking for anything new I can add or change. My next project will be in the parlor. I have been wanting a ceiling medallion for our light/fan fixture for a long time. However, my husband and I are not wanting to get into the project of taking the fan down or dealing with the wiring, so I found a ceiling medallion outer circle online. This way we can slip the circle around the fan (after taking off the blades) and then I will create the interior of the medallion right on the ceiling with several different techniques. More to come on this project later…