Our beautiful tree is coming down this Friday, the 23rd.  Here is a photo of our house and the tree I took last weekend.

You can see what a void there will be once it is gone.  However, I know it’s for the best and I’m looking forward to building our new gazebo in its place.  My sweet daughter and a friend suggested I leave for the day and come back when it is all done.  At first I thought I would like to be home that day, to say “goodbye”, but I’m thinking now that their suggestion will be the easiest for me.

I probably sound crazy to be so attached to a tree, but as you can see in the photo, it really does have such a presence and I’ve grown to love the stages it goes through each year, with the sweet-smelling blossoms in the Spring and the fun of watching all the birds and squirrels play on its branches during the Summer.

I had an enlargement made of one of my favorite photos of our tree and put it in an old window frame I have in the pantry so I will still be able to feel like I’m looking out into the yard at our tree.

It turned out just perfect, I will really love having that. I’m also going to save a large piece of the tree to do a carving. I recently saw an idea of hanging branches near the ceiling in a room (on the Nate Berkus show) and I’m thinking that might be nice to have in my studio in one corner of the room. So I will have some nice memories of our tree here and there in our home which will be very comforting.