Because of storm damage right before the 23rd, the cutting of our tree was put off until last Tuesday, the 27th. I had prepared myself for what it would be like without our tree, or so I thought. When I came home from work that evening and saw the emptiness and all the wood cut up on the lawn, I was overwhelmed with the loss of our tree. The arborists were not totally finished that day (it took 3 of them) and were coming back the following day to finish up. As I was looking at the large base of the trunk, I got the idea to have them cut a 19″ deep section for me to use as a coffee table in the gazebo we are going to build. That will be such a special memory to have and it will be in the same place where the tree stood. So the next day, Steve told them my idea and they were great, they cut just what I wanted for me. Now our next issue is how we are going to move it! We have a couple ideas, so I’m sure we’ll be able to get it done.

I wrote a piece on what our tree meant to us and our home, and Steve and I went out early that morning and we both read it to our tree as our “goodbye”.

When the arborists were starting work on the tree, hanging their lines, etc., a squirrel ran up the tree and just stayed there watching as they worked. It was like the squirrel was saying its goodbye too.

This weekend, Steve and I took several hours working on moving and stacking the wood. As I looked at the pieces, I realized our decision was best, there were several areas of decay throughout the tree, so that made the loss a little easier to take. I’m so glad we have the gazebo to start designing and planning.

Here is an “after” photo of our yard without our special tree.