Because of our sad tree situation, I felt I needed to think of a fun creative project. I have been wanting a ceiling medallion above the fan in our parlor for a long time and decided that would be a great project to get into. Steve and I both did NOT want the huge project of taking the fan down, so I started thinking of a way I could create one that could go around the existing fan unit. I at first looked for medallions that are split in the middle for just this purpose, but there weren’t any in our local home improvement stores and I didn’t care for the available designs of the ones I found online.

So I decided to design my own medallion and while I was in that process, I came upon a site that sold medallion rings (the outer ring of a medallion). We took the fan blades off and decided on what the inside diameter of the ring needed to be to go up around the remaining fan structure. Once I found the right ring dimension and design, I placed the order and set to work designing the inside of the medallion. When we received the medallion, it had two different inset levels around the back for different designs. I chose the outer level which was 1/4″ thick. Steve cut me a circle to the dimension of the medallion out of 1/4″ plywood, and then cut it in half. We then cut a circle in the center that is the dimension of the tube at the top of the fan unit.

I had some leftover anaglypta wallpaper from our stairway wainscoting I installed previously, so I put that onto the two plywood circle halves with spray adhesive. Next I bought some wood carved overlays in two different designs and glued them into a similar pattern on each half of the circle over the anaglypta wallpaper. I wanted to create another dimension in the pattern and decided to use a pastry tip and spackle for an outside border. After the glue had dried overnight, I painted the medallion ring and my inside design with a creamy white paint that is the trim color used in the rest of the house.

Note: We were planning on taking the bell at the top off the tube so the medallion would fit just around the tube. However, when we were ready to install the medallion, we found that the bell at the top of the tube needed to be kept as it had the wiring and support structure for the fan inside it. So my original design had to be adjusted and a larger center hole created to allow for the bell.  I ended up liking the revised design better anyway, so it all worked out.

Once the new design was complete, we put the two plywood pieces of the center of the medallion up with the staple gun and then attached the outer ring with the staple gun also. I am so pleased with the final result and now our parlor matches most all the other rooms in our house, with a decorative ceiling element.