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Years ago I saw an idea for making a vintage pot for a hanging plant in a magazine and, when my sister Bonnie visited last Fall, I took her to one of my favorite places in Portland that sells old house parts – Hippo Hardware.  We had a great time looking at all the great old hardware items and, when we went to their lighting section on the second floor, I decided this was the place to find the parts for making my hanging pot.

I first picked out a beautiful glass ceiling lamp shade. The type of shade that has the 3 holes already in the shade for attaching to the ceiling. Then the guys in the lighting section helped me pick out the chain, the attachments for the end of the chain (to keep it from slipping through the holes), the bell and hanging hardware for the top. I kept all of these supplies in the box last Fall since it was the end of the season.

Last weekend I put my hanging pot together. I bought some sphagnum moss for the bottom of the pot and then put in my plants. The pot is under the roof of the porch, so I will be able to monitor the watering and it won’t be filling up with rain water (I know, sounds strange for Summer, but this IS Oregon :-).