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Every now and then I come up with a creative idea and just have to give it a try.  Here are some of my recent creations.

My mother’s button box ~

As I was going through my mother’s button box looking for a button recently, I started looking at all the great little gadgets she had mixed in with the buttons. She saved everything and felt someday there would be a use for them. I found garter belt fasteners, paper clips, bobby pins, small chains, lots of different sized belt buckles, etc. As I laid these out on my table, I loved the look of all of them together in a sort of collage. I decided to frame them in a similar fashion but wanted the background to be interesting too. I love the current trend of handwriting on pillows, chairs, etc., so on a sheet of white paper I wrote “in my mother’s button box ~”, scanned it and copied the scanned image onto a page in several rows, alternating the words to create an appealing overall design. I purchased a shadow box frame which was smaller than the 8½x11 paper, so I angled my sheet of words to create an even more interesting look and then glued the button box items onto the paper. Every time I look at this it puts a smile on my face, thinking of my mother and how thrifty she was.

Savor the Magic pillow ~

For stocking stuffers for my girls last Christmas, I created “Savor the Magic” pillows. They all had read my Savor the Magic post a few months before, and after I made the handwriting background for my mother’s button box collage, I decided it would be fun to make small 6″x6″ pillows out of a neutral color linen material using the same handwriting idea. I looked online to find the French words for Savor the Magic and then did the same process as I did for the button box collage. I found a company who could screen print my writing image onto my material and asked them to angle the image on the fabric. Just the front of the pillow had the writing image. Before I sewed the pillows together, I found some old worn black buttons (in my mother’s button box :-)) and sewed one small button near the corner of each pillow.

Our Farmhouse pillow ~

At the same time I created the ‘magic’ pillows, I also gave the screen print company an image I created of our home and the date it was built so I could make a pillow for Steve and I. I used the same neutral color linen fabric and asked the company to make the print light, as if worn and aged.

Our next endeavor is designing and building our gazebo in the place where our locust tree once stood.  So more photos to come on this project.