On May 27th, I received a call from the granddaughter of Nils P. Oakerman. He was the builder of our historic home and I have been searching every year to find a descendant of his to know more about him and hopefully see photos of him and his family and our house. When I heard this woman was his granddaughter I was so thrilled! She lives in California and we had the best talk about Nils and our house. She called back a few minutes after our first call and said her daughter was going to drive her up to see us and would we be available the weekend of June 15th. We had that weekend open, so we made our plans to get together and share stories and photos. She also mentioned her nephew lives near us (actually less than a mile away). What a small world! Here I was searching the web for someone anywhere who might be related to Nils and little did I know they were practically in our backyard.

This last Friday, June 15th, the relatives of Nils came to our house and we had the best time. Jeanne, Nils’ granddaughter, brought so much information and lots of photos. They brought copies of some photos to give me and also a copy of Nils’ biography of his birth, when he came to America from Sweden, the various states he worked in, and finally when he came to Portland and built our home in 1887. The photos they gave me have already been framed and hung on our “history wall” in the library. They are also making more copies of photos, etc. and putting them on a CD for me. They loved seeing the home and how much love we have for it. We had such a nice visit and it was so wonderful being able to see photos of Nils and the family and hear more about him. He was the missing link to our home and I’m SO thrilled I was finally able to get in touch which his descendants.

Here is the photo of Nils and his family. Jeanne is the daughter of Helena, one of Nils’ twin daughters (Jeanne is at bottom left in 2nd photo taken on our front porch).