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When our Black Locust tree had to come down in March this year, I found a local woodturner who could turn the wood into bowls. He came by and picked up several of the large pieces of wood from the trunk right after the tree was cut down and said he would give our wood a try since he had never worked with Black Locust before. He described how long the process is for turning wood into bowls, which can be several months to a year in some cases. To our surprise, he called us a few weeks ago and said he was able to get 3 bowls out of the wood, but that it was extremely difficult wood to work with so he really had to work to keep the wood from cracking. Steve and I were both amazed at how beautifully they turned out – little pun there 🙂 and told him we would take all three.

It is so nice to have the bowls as a special memory of the tree we loved so much.