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Steve and I have just recently started biking our favorite Banks/Vernonia Trail again and are loving getting “back in the saddle again”. Due to some health issues Steve was having recently, we hadn’t been on the trail in several months. He is feeling much, much better now and couldn’t wait to get back to biking HIS (that’s what he calls it) trail. The weather has been so perfect for our rides and I was amazed at how many beautiful wildflowers were along the trail at this time of year. One of the days Steve took off in one direction on his bike and I took our dog Izzi for a hike in the other direction. We started out from Buxton and there is a nice little picnic area by the parking area, so we met up back at the truck and had a picnic lunch. Izzi loved the hike, but also couldn’t wait to get back home and start chasing the squirrels in the backyard again.

Here are some photos I took on our rides and hike, plus some of Izzi in the backyard – on alert for squirrels 🙂

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