I have been doing many calligraphy orders recently and just have to say that I am so impressed with the orders I receive from guys for their wives and girlfriends. I would say the majority of my orders are coming from the guys.

I got a request from one guy to do their wedding vows as a gift for his wife on their first anniversary AND he requested I do the lettering on cream colored paper with burgundy colored ink because those were their wedding colors. I was so impressed, not only of his request, but that he actually knew the colors of their wedding!

Another request came from a guy who wanted me to letter some thoughts his girlfriend had written on her relationship with God. He wanted it done on wood in woodburned calligraphy as a gift for her birthday. Other requests have come from guys to do their wedding vows and, most recently, I received a request to do the lettering of a love note from a guy to give to his wife on their first anniversary. He said he understood the first year anniversary was for “paper” – how impressive! It is especially rewarding for me to work on these orders that are so thoughtful and special.

Lettering a favorite poem, lyrics, thoughts, etc. always makes a nice thoughtful gift, so let me know of any requests you may have (that includes you girls too) 🙂 

Other examples of my work can be found in my gallery.