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My other sister Bonnie came for a visit this last weekend. We had so much fun going to bazaars and shopping the malls, etc. We also took a drive to our wonderful Sunny Hill Farm where we grew up and also had to hit Al’s Garden Center to check out their gift shop, get some winter flowers, and were pleasantly surprised that all of their Christmas trees and decorations were up too. I also picked up my fall pumpkins and we each bought one for a fun craft idea I had in mind.

I had done this project last year and loved it so much, I thought it would be fun for both of us to do together. It is really easy, but the results are just beautiful. You just cut a hole in the middle of a paper doily, slip it over the stem and lay on the top of the pumpkin, and then with you dab black craft paint onto the cut out design of the paper doily, remove the doily and ta da, you have a beautifully designed pumpkin. We both embellished our design after we painted the doily cutout, so you can totally create your own design. It was a fun Fall project for us to do together.