Steve has been working so hard trying to get the roof on before winter. He has managed to get almost all the plywood sections on the roof, except for a small section in the middle, and did it all by himself. I took one afternoon off to help him by just handing him different tools he needed to save him going up and down the ladder all the time. I also installed the collar ties in between helping him.

He also started putting up the railing sections, but we have much more we’re going to do to make them more architecturally interesting. I will be putting a rectangle of molding in the center (similar to the look of wainscoting) of each panel, plus we will be adding more molding on the 2×4 frame. Steve will then add the top and bottom 2x6s on each section to finish it off. I have started cutting out the gingerbread brackets for both sides of each post at the top. The outside cuts are done, I’m working on the inside cuts (which take much longer and are more intricate cuts) with my scroll saw, so that will take awhile since I am making 16 of them. I designed the brackets to match the original ones on the house porches.

My friend Susan enlisted several of her son’s high school football friends to roll our tree trunk coffee table up and into the gazebo. They did great and we couldn’t have done it without them. I am planning on sanding the top of the coffee table in the Spring when it has dried out and then will seal it.