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Once we got the plywood installed on the roof of the gazebo, we chose to have a roofer put the felt and composition roofing on for us. We were going to wait to continue on the gazebo until after the holidays, but last weekend we decided it would be fun to move on to adding the moulding to the side panels. After I figured out where I wanted the inside moulding box to be on the panels, we headed for Home Depot and bought enough for the inside moulding boxes and the molding we will be putting on the 2×4 frames of each panel. We cut all the box moulding pieces at one time and then I went to work with my favorite tool, the nail gun 🙂 and put up all the moulding boxes in the panels – in the lovely Oregon rain – but no worries, it was fun to get the moulding up and see what a difference it made.

After all the moulding is done, Steve will put the top board on each panel. So we’re planning on getting all the moulding and the top boards in place before the holidays. We already have our Christmas decorating ideas for the gazebo too.

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