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We have an entertainment center in our living room that has four puck lights in the ceiling of the cabinet to highlight the items on the shelves. We replaced the lights several years ago with Halogen lights, but were recently concerned about how hot they got close to the wood of the cabinet, plus there was a white, dusty residue around each light, so we purchased new LED lights which will be much better and won’t have the heat issue. However, the LED lights are much brighter and are more visible in the center top of the cabinet where there is a leaded, beveled section of glass. So I felt I needed to come up with a solution to diffuse the piece of glass so the lights weren’t so harsh and visible.

I took the whole upper section of glass out of the cabinet and laid it on my work table, upside down. I then found a nice piece of lace in my material scraps and laid it over the glass, making it very tight with no creases and then took a can of spray frost and sprayed through the lace. Once it dried, I took the lace off and the resulting image on the glass was a beautiful lace pattern. After I installed it in the cabinet, I just couldn’t help but stand there and admire it. It turned out so nice and was the perfect solution to diffusing the harsh glare of the lights, but still adding a nice decorative effect to the cabinet.

I had also done a similar project to this on my vanity in our bathroom. I painted the whole vanity in the soft winter white that I used in the rest of the room, and then laid a piece of lace on the vanity top (taping it down on the edges so it was nice and tight) and sprayed a beige color through the lace. It is a subtle design that just adds an extra special touch to the vanity and it’s easy to clean too.