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One of the gifts I’ve been making for friends for Christmas is a set of tile coasters with my photographs decoupaged onto them. I saw this idea in a magazine and just had to give it a try. It was so easy and fun, I ended up making more than I originally planned on.  The magazine idea showed beautiful black/white photos depicting winter scenes.

I bought small white 4″ square tiles at Home Depot/Lowe’s and picked up some of my favorite winter photographs to put on the tiles. I sized the photos on the computer to just slightly smaller than the size of the tile, to give it a border and then printed them on regular copy paper. First I painted a thin coat of decoupage glue on the face of the tile and then laid my photograph onto the tile, centering it so there was an even border on all sides. I smoothed out the photograph so there were no bubbles. After this step had dried, I painted another thin coat of decoupage glue over the entire tile, making sure to keep the brush strokes consistent and even. Once this had dried, I sprayed a glossy sealer over the entire surface. Once the sealer dried, I attached small felt cushions to each corner of the back side of the tile.

This is such an easy, inexpensive project and really fun to do even for stocking stuffers.