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DSC_0331Every year on the long Thanksgiving weekend, Steve and I get busy putting up all the Christmas decorations and lights, inside and out.  I love bringing out my Christmas treasures each year, so many of them have wonderful memories attached to them, especially the ornaments.  I still have a cotton Santa I made in 1st Grade and also my brother’s egg carton Santa he made in 1st Grade.  This year we had the fun of decorating our gazebo too.  Last year about this time, I lost my good friend and neighbor Betty.  She loved Christmas as much as I do (and possibly more).  Steve and I asked Betty’s daughter if we could have Betty’s tree so we could put it in the gazebo and still have a little part of Betty still in our neighborhood.  After we had a good cry, Betty’s daughter was thrilled with the idea and the tree was ours.  It looks so proud in our gazebo and is a wonderful reminder to me of my special friend and kindred Christmas spirit.

Here are some photos of our farmhouse Victorian Christmas this year.DSC_0330DSC_0328DSC_0333DSC_0327DSC_0326DSC_0325DSC_0324DSC_0323DSC_0313DSC_0311DSC_0310DSC_0300DSC_0299DSC_0335