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17BLast weekend we had our family Christmas to allow for individual Christmas plans of ours and our kids the following weekend. Friday started out with our 3½ year old granddaughter Hadley’s Christmas program. It was just so fun seeing all the kids and their excitement in showing their families how well they could sing and how proud they were. In the afternoon, the girls got together for our annual Christmas Tea which is always fun, especially now that Hadley can join us 🙂

Saturday was our un-Christmas Eve night. We were joined this year by another couple and their kids, so it was a very festive and full house. We had a nice big Christmas dinner that all of us contributed to, my annual Christmas punch, lots of spirits, and mounds and mounds of Christmas cookies. We did make a “memory” with our dinner this year which could have turned out badly, but fortunately it was just one of those things that happen that you’ll talk about in years to come. My daughter Kym was adding water to the chickens baking in the oven, and the glass baking dish (that I have baked with for years) decided it didn’t care for that and the glass exploded all over the oven and out onto the floor. Kym was so close to the oven but didn’t get touched by any of the glass! We had a guardian angel with us. So, needless to say, we moved on and got some baked chickens from the local grocery store and the meal was wonderful in spite of the setback.

Our family plays a pickle game each year later in the evening before opening our presents. It started from the Victorian/German tradition of hiding a pickle ornament on the tree and whichever child finds it gets a special gift. We embellished that a bit. We all go out into our game room in the garage and play ping pong while one person hides the pickle in the house. Then we each get a turn running into the house, try to find the pickle and run back to the garage as fast as we can. The person who hid the pickle keeps track of everyone’s time and the one who had the fastest time wins a prize. The person who wins is the one who hides the pickle the next year and brings a generic gift for the winner that year. It really gets to be a big competition and is crazy fun!

One of my friends knew of our pickle game and gave me the cutest pickle ornament for kids. It talks to them as they’re trying to find it and once they find it, it says “you found me” and giggles. So we had Hadley and Isla play this after our dinner and it was just the cutest. They loved the game and found the pickle right away. They of course wanted to play it again and again 🙂

Sunday was our girls craft day. We started doing this a few years ago and decided it was a great idea to keep doing each year. This year we made little cork trees with fun embellishments on the ends of each cork with paint, circles cut out of decorative ribbon, and scrapbook buttons. They all turned out so cute, we loved doing them.19

Here is hoping your Christmas is full of love and laughter, with moments you will always treasure.  Merry Christmas!