I just finished two very large calligraphy orders that were very fascinating and interesting to work on.  One of the orders was woodburned calligraphy that was requested by a woman for her husband.  It was of her husband’s writings of his beliefs, thoughts and goals of his life.  It was such a special project to work on for her and her husband.joyous reality fixed

The other order I just recently completed was a request to do The Last Sermon of Prophet Muhammad.  Because of all the wording, my client asked that it be done in a large 28×40 size.  He also asked for the Arabic writing of the first line of the piece, which was something new and interesting for me to do.  In my emails and phone conversations with my client, I realized this was very special and important to him, so I felt it an honor to be able to use my talent to create something so dear to him.Last Sermon on easel fixed

Last Sermon left closeup fixed

Last Sermon right closeup fixed