The weekend before Valentines Day, I picked up our granddaughter Hadley and brought her to our house so we could have a fun Valentines craft day together.  She is going to be 4 years old the end of March, so I just knew she would love “creating” with me.  I thought it would be fun to make a Valentines box, remembering how much I enjoyed the ones we made when I was in Grade School.

I  had more fun buying all the supplies to decorate the box.  I went to a local shoe store and got a large shoe box and covered it with white wrapping paper, making a small opening in the top for inserting the Valentines.  I bought stickers, a little stamp kit, and some scrapbooking adhesive-backed colored rhinestones for some bling, along with some fun crayons and markers.  I bought a box of kids Valentines too for her to give to everyone, plus some lace paper doilies for making our own.  I had her pick out the Valentines she wanted to give to everyone and we made a few together also.01040203

We had so much fun and she really loved using all the different supplies we had to decorate the box.  I found a great idea in one of my magazines recently on how you can use the cutoff end of a bunch of celery as a stamp.  I have always looked at that piece when I use celery, thinking there just has to be something you could do with this, it looks just like a rose.  So I tried this out on our box and it works just great (Hadley was very impressed with this), now I’m trying to think of other things I can stamp with the “celery rose”, like maybe kitchen hand towels, etc.  rose finally fixed

I told Hadley she needed to tell everyone that they can’t open the box until Valentines Day (knowing she would definitely take this to heart and make sure everyone was aware of this rule).  Sure enough, the first thing she told her Daddy when we brought her home was “Daddy you CAN’T open this box until Valentines Day” as she was pointing her finger at him very seriously 🙂  Our day was such a delight for Stevie and I, what a special memory-making day we had.0 (124x166)