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In my craft room/studio, I have a large cork board for photos/inspirational quotes, etc.  It was one I purchased years ago with just the normal wood frame.  A while back I made it a little more appealing by covering the cork board with material and criss-crossing ribbons across the board and thumb-tacking the ribbons where they intersected.  Just recently, I got the idea to embellish the board even further by getting an elaborate picture frame with lots of detailing and painting it to match the trim in my room.

So last weekend, I decided to go on the hunt for the perfect frame for my project.  I went to two of my favorite local antique stores and finally found one that was exactly what I was looking for.  The frame was in poor condition and the print was definitely not one I would have chosen, but I knew it was perfect for what I was going to do with it.  I carefully cut the print out the frame, luckily there was no glass on the piece that I had to deal with.  As I was taking the print out, I noticed it was a reproduction and had a Series number, so I’m holding onto it in case I go on Antiques Roadshow someday and find out it’s worth a fortune 🙂frame3

frame4I cleaned the frame with TSP and let it dry, and then spray painted the frame with a winter white color to match the trim in my room.  I put two coats on to cover it thoroughly.  I then took my existing cork board and inserted it into the frame (after cutting it down to the size of the new frame) and secured it on the back with heavy tape.  I am so pleased with the final result.  It’s one of those things you do and you just have to keep coming back into the room and admiring it.frame5


Because this frame was not as wide as my other cork board, I was able to hang a darling mirror my friend Susan gave me recently, along with other items to help balance out the wall.  It is such a nice, elegant addition to my room, I’m glad my inspiration turned out exactly the way I wanted.