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Easter egg treeYears ago when our daughter Kym was in day care, she came home with the best Easter egg decoration that her day care “mom” had them create.  They blew out eggs, painted designs on them and then threaded embroidery floss thru the holes with beads on either end of the egg and tied a loop in the floss so the egg could be hung on a tree.  I loved this idea, so Kym and I made a couple more at home.  I made a tree for the eggs from a tree branch put in a container of Plaster of Paris.  This became a tradition for us to make an egg for the tree each year.  Pretty soon the tree needed to be a lot bigger, so I looked for one to buy and there just weren’t any the size I needed, so I bought some flexible green plastic-coated wire and created my own tree with the wire and secured it in Plaster of Paris in a pastel flower pot.  The twisted wire branches are perfect for hanging the eggs and can be bent and adjusted every which way to balance out the tree.Easter egg tree closeup3

Easter egg tree closeup1

Easter egg tree closeup 2

Here are some of my egg creations:

Golf Leaf Egg –   I painted the egg red and let it dry.  Then I took gold leaf and applied it over the egg.  In the areas where the gold leaf was wiped away, the red paint shows through and makes a very elegant egg.Easter gold leaf egg

Leaf/Onion Egg – One year, as a change from just dying the boiled eggs, I went outside and found several different shaped leaves, wrapped them around the eggs and held them in place with a rubber band, then boiled them in water filled with onion skins.  The result is really beautiful and no two are alike.

Woodburned Egg –  I woodburned a wood egg and stand in an intricate Scandinavian-like design.Easter woodburned and leaf eggs

Fuschia Egg – I took one of the broken shells, dyed it and glued dried Fuschia blossoms inside.Easter fuschia egg

It’s always fun to find new, creative ways to decorate for the holidays.