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Now that the weather is getting a little milder, we have been anxious to start working on the gazebo again.  This weekend, Steve and I put down black plastic under the gazebo for weed control and then put up the lattice around the base of the gazebo.  This took some time to cut it to fit the ground level, matching up the seams, etc.  Steve cut the pieces and I drilled and screwed them into place. gazebo lattice

gazebo lattice 2We also sanded and planed the top of the tree trunk coffee table and put a sealer on it.  It turned out just beautiful, but I think I will put another coat of sealer on it to enhance it even more.  I just love the shape of the wood too.  I’m so glad we have this part of our beloved tree as a special memory that will add to our enjoyment of the gazebo.tree coffee table

Out next step is Steve will put the molding around the base of each of the posts to cover up the metal brackets and also work on getting the finial ready.  I bought two great pieces for the finial at one of my favorite places for old recycled stuff in Portland – Hippo Hardware.  The large piece will be the base of the finial, which has a crack that needs to be filled, and a smaller piece that will be inserted into the base as the top of the finial.  Once they are put together and sanded, I’ll paint it and we can install it.

I designed gingerbread brackets to match the ones on our house and we both have worked on cutting them out on the band saw and scroll saw.  They need to be sanded and I will paint them before we put them up, it will make the painting so much easier with all the cutouts of the gingerbread to do them before they are installed.  They will be installed on either side and at the top of each post.

Then it is a matter of waiting for a long stretch of dry weather so I can have a painting party with my daughter Kym and several of my friends – even a neighbor who offered to help :-).  I have already picked out some white resin wicker furniture online and am waiting until it is all finished to order them, since we don’t have a place to store them right now.  I’m going to have a love seat and two chairs with floral cushions – no need for tables since our coffee table is large enough and I don’t want it too crowded.

I also have a loverly chandelier that we will hang in the center of the gazebo and I’m thinking I will also get a string of round white lights to go around the perimeter inside for extra ambiance.