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evie book1Our youngest granddaughter Evie is turning 1 this month and I wanted to make something special for her birthday.  I decided to make a cloth baby book for her and set to work looking online for cute images for the pages and also found good sites with step-by-step instructions.  I had the basic idea of how to make it, but the instructions were very helpful too.

Once I decided on the images I would have, I figured out what images I wanted on each page.  I chose to embroider Evie’s name on the front cover and on the back cover I embroidered “made with love by Grammy Sally”.

I bought the cutest cotton background material with small pastel polka dots so it wouldn’t interfere with the images and just be a subtle background.  I bought several squares of different colors of felt for the images and also some fabric pens to use for some details.

I cut cardboard squares the size of my finished page size and drew the images onto the cardboard and cut them out to use as a pattern on the felt.  After all the felt pieces were cut out, I laid the images out on the background material (already cut to a double page size).  I was going to zig-zag stitch all the felt pieces, but chose to glue them with craft glue and this kept the images basic and less “busy”.  I used the non-toxic fabric pens to draw in details here and there on some of the images, embroidered the front and back covers and then the pages were ready to sew.

I bought batting to go inside the pages to make the book nice and soft.  Once I had figured out how my pages were going to be placed in the book, I matched two double-page pieces of fabric (right sides together, with the batting outside one of the pieces and then sewed around the edges and left an opening for turning it right side out.  I then ironed the opening into place and top-stitched all around the piece, which resulted in 4 pages,  2 on one side and 2 on the other.  I did this same process for the remaining pages.  Once all the pages were finished, I laid them on top of each other and sewed through all of them down the center, thus creating the book binding.  I sewed decorative ribbon over this center line of sewing and kept a little extra ribbon at the bottom.

This was a fun project to do for our special granddaughter 🙂