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Recently, I decided it was time to redecorate the porch of my garden shed.  It’s always fun to change things up a bit.  I have had a white plant stand on the porch and moved it to one of our other porches and thought it would be fun to find a cute wire window box for the porch window and then put a little chair in the corner of the porch where I had the plant stand.  I found a perfect wire window box at Monticello (my favorite antique mall in Portland).  It was a creamy white color, so I painted it white to match the trim on my shed.

Then I was on the hunt for a small chair, preferably metal for outdoors, for the corner of the porch.  A couple weekends ago I spent with my sister Bonnie on the Long Beach Peninsula.  One of our shopping days we spent in Astoria and she actually spotted the perfect little metal chair in an antique store.  It was black, so I sprayed it white also.  I wanted to add a little “something” to the chair and since I had flowers above it in the window box, I added a braided chair pad I had with blueberries in the design, so it went perfectly with my shed.shed with chair

shed chair on porchshed chair closeupI love the new changes and I think my shed is also loving its new “makeover” 🙂