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painted gazebo14brightWell, we did it!  Steve came up with the best idea on painting the gazebo.  Originally I had planned on having a painting party with some of my friends and family, but the more we started looking at the job it would be, we decided to buy a sprayer and just go for it.  We had beautiful weather last week and weekend so we decided the weather was perfect to go ahead and get it done.  It took us one very long day to get it all painted, starting at 7am and finishing around 7pm with just a few breaks now and then.painted gazebo4

painted gazebo6painted gazebo5We had some interesting? mishaps along the way because the paint container on the sprayer did not have a secure locking system, so three separate times the container came off the sprayer and paint went flying everywhere!  Fortunately we had covered the floor and all with a good amount of plastic, so they weren’t disasters, but made it very challenging and frustrating at times.  The last time it happened, Steve had just finished the very last part of the ceiling and was done.  He had me stand up near him to show him any final spots that needed attention and then he headed down the ladder and, as a final complaint from the sprayer and all the work it did that day, the container came unlocked again and threw paint everywhere including all over me, from head to toe.painted gazebo8

All we could do was laugh hysterically at this point, probably mostly from fatigue!, but we got a kick out of the crazy way we ended our productive day.painted gazebo13

Once the white paint had dried and I had taken a break, I was anxious to get the blue paint on the panels, so I completed those that evening, and then painted the inside blue panels the next day.  We were so thrilled we got it all done this weekend AND before the rain arrived late Sunday.

We have some final touches to do – putting up the gingerbread brackets, molding at the base of the posts, the top finial, and hanging my chandelier and inside lights, but those should all go very quickly and then it’s time to start planning our gazebo party – YAY!painted gazebo15house and gazebo