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gazebo with gingerbread and lights 2gazebo with gingerbread and lights 3

Our latest finishes to the gazebo were adding the gingerbread brackets (which I designed to match the original gingerbread on our house) and adding the lighting.  I bought 3 strings of small bulb outdoor lighting to go around the inside perimeter and just couldn’t wait until it got dark to see how it looked.  It was so crazy funny……..when I turned on the lights they almost blinded me.  I thought, well maybe I should go out on the lawn and get a different perspective.  I couldn’t run up and turn them off fast enough!  It was like Griswald’s lights in Christmas Vacation – I was so hoping the neighbors hadn’t gone blind.  I could just picture the power surge in our neighborhood when I turned them on – ha ha.lights bright

I really liked the size of the lights I bought, but just wanted a soft ambiance light.  We tossed around getting different lights and other options and ended up buying a dimmer attachment that plugs into the outlet (there wasn’t enough room to install a dimmer in the switch area) and the dimmer works perfectly, plus I can change the lighting to suit the mood.  Then we hung the chandelier.  I couldn’t wait for this to happen.  I’ve had it since last September, a gift from my family for my birthday.  I put in 40w bulbs thinking those would be just fine and, once again, it was the Griswald lights all over again.  I then put in 15w bulbs and they still weren’t right, not a soft enough light.  Then I remembered one of my favorite shops in Sellwood – American at Heart.  They carry all sorts of country/primitive lighting with flicker flames etc., so I bought two different kinds of lighting from them (just in case) and the flicker flames worked perfectly.  I wanted the lighting to be intimate and through a bit of a process, it finally is just right.lights3




We have just a few more finishing touches and it will be complete.