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Steve and I had a great fun-fill weekend.  We finished putting the molding around the base of the posts on the gazebo, went for a bike ride on our favorite Banks/Vernonia trail, caught up on some yard work, relaxed on the patio with Izzi, and had some nice fire pit time one evening.02

Izzi girlThere’s a home near where we start our bike ride near Vernonia that holds yard sales every now and then and this weekend I was happy to see they were having another sale.  When we finished our bike ride we went to check out the sale.  Once before I had found a beautiful hand-made quilt at one of their sales for just $25 so I was anxious to see what treasures I could find this time.  I found a darling little wood accent table for just $6 and a round vinyl lace tablecloth for $3.  The tablecloth fits perfectly on a table I already had in the gazebo and I had creative plans for the little wood table.03

The table was just a basic wood table, so I spray painted it white and then decided it would be fun to accent some of the lines of the leg with our blue house paint color (the same blue that is on the gazebo).  It turned out so cute and when I set it in the gazebo, I figured out just the thing that would top it off.  The round top of the table is about the size of a dinner plate, so I got one of my blue and white plates from the kitchen and set it on the top and it looks great. 04

We needed another table to set drinks on, so my little $6 table was just what we needed.0605