After making new curtains, putting in a new floor and adding loverly accessories, it was really hard to have the old upholstery in the mix, so I thought of a quick and easy “fix”.  I took a quilt I already had and basically slip-covered the couch.  We use that quilt in the trailer anyway and it has the perfect color combination to go with the new look.  I had recently purchased a toile throw for our living room and thought it would work well on one seat of the dinette, so I tried it out and it looked great, so I bought another one for the other seat and they all look so much better and now everything ties in with the new color scheme.  This solved the upholstery situation and didn’t cost a thing – yay!couch with quiltdinette with slip coversdinette closeup with slip covers

My husband and I just got back from a great week of camping with our newly decorated trailer and really enjoyed having it more updated with brighter, happier colors.  Our week was wonderful and my next post will be about our trip and lots of photos.