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 After I upholstered our camping trailer dinette cushions, I had plenty of the toile material left over and thought it would be great for making a fun casual Summer purse.  I bought a magnetic snap for the purse closure and a 7″ zipper for the inside zipper pocket.  I used material from actual throws when I upholstered the dinette cushions, so there was a finished edge trim on some of my left over pieces of material.  I cut out my pieces to include this finished edge trim at the top opening of the purse and several other places for accents.

I didn’t have a pattern, but I saw an ad in a mail order catalogue for a cute hobo purse and used that as a guide as far as its basic shape, and then used one of my purses for measurements on the inside/outside pockets and the zipper pocket.  I embellished the outside pocket with buttons from my mother’s button box in coordinating colors.

This will be a fun purse for Summer and great for shopping – lots of room for treasures 🙂


purse inside with zipper pocket

purse inside with glasses and cell phone pockets