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When my husband and I did our restoration work on our home, I put some beautiful anaglypta wallpaper on the ceiling of the pantry. It looked so good and was almost the same pattern as the ceiling product we put in the adjacent kitchen. HOWEVER, it was the most horrendous project to find an adhesive that would keep the paper up. Over the years, because of the moisture in the room due to having the washer and dryer there also, the seams in the wallpaper would come apart and droop down and every year, I would try another better adhesive to hopefully keep the paper up, which never solved the issue.  Also, the adhesive discolored the paper too over time and I was about to glue them up again and paint the discolored adhesive, but then found a better solution.

I decided I would go on the search for a product that I could put on the ceiling (not paper!) that would look good and still tie in with the age of our home. I found the best product at Home Depot. It is a plastic product that actually looks like pressed tin and it comes in 18″x18″ squares.  It was a little spendy ($20/square) but I was ready to fix this once and for all so I went for it.  I was able to attach it to the ceiling with the nail gun and it turned out so perfect.  I had to be a contortionist and lay on top of the stacked washer and dryer to get the ceiling done in that area, but it was so worth it.  I keep going into the pantry just to look at it again, it just was the perfect solution to my annoying ceiling situation.

Here are photos of my ceiling before showing the seams separating and drooping down:

ceiling before2

ceiling before

ceiling 3

Here are the after photos – yay!!

ceiling after2

ceiling after