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Steve and I have been busy getting our place all beautiful for a summer party we are having in July to celebrate our finished gazebo, but we found time to do two creative projects this weekend too (lots more fun than yard work and endless “to do” lists).

I saw one of these ideas on Pinterest and just had to do it for our raised veggie garden we put in this year. It is a trellis made out of an old window and we broke out all the glass and put chicken wire on the back. I trailed our snap peas up through the chicken wire and the old window just looks so great and goes so well with our farmhouse.

window 1


window 2

window close-up

I’ve been wanted a shelf with hooks to put on one of our kitchen porch walls and just haven’t been able to find the “perfect” one, so I told Steve I was just going to get stuff from Home Depot and make my own. He suggested I make it out of some old fence boards we have and I already had two shelf brackets I had bought for another project that didn’t work out. I also had several small hooks that were in the house before we did the renovation, and a couple old faucet handles that were in my garden shed for decoration. I made a side table that is on the kitchen porch several years ago out of old wood, so this shelf made out of the old fence boards ties in perfectly with the table. We both love how this turned out and it was all out of things we had on hand and didn’t cost a thing 🙂